Herbert Nothhelfer
CIO, IT-Lead and temporary IT Manager
phone:  +49 7346 8627
eMail:      info@cab-consulting.de
website: www.cab-consulting.de

private informations

  • date of birth:       17. April 1964
  • place of birth:      Illerkirchberg / Oberkirchberg
  • personal status:  divorced, 2 boys (Patrick *1987, Philipp *1991)
  • nationality:          german


practise and experience

12/2020 – current       Handtmann Service GmbH & Co.KG
                                          global manufacturer of lightmetal casting, filling and portioning systems and plastic engineering

    • IT Manager Innovationsmanagement
    • IT Revision and IT Audits

12/2017 – 11/2020       Handtmann Service GmbH & Co.KG
                                           global manufacturer of lightmetal casting, filling and portioning systems and plastic engineering

    • IT Manager Organisation, Prozesse und SAP
    • Abteilungsverantwortung für 17 Mitarbeiter und Projektleiter
    • Projektleiter SAP ECC6.0EhP6 Greenfield zu SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management


11/2013 – 11/2017        WashTec Holding GmbH
                                          manufakturer of commercial vehicle washing systems und chemical supplements

    • Leiter IT Enterprise Solutions
    • Abteilungsverantwortung für 14 Mitarbeiter und Projektleiter
    • Global verantwortlich für IT Strategie, Digitalisierung, SAP, Cubeware, SalesForce, Pro.File und WaMos
    • Projektleiter SAP Upgrade 4.7 – ECC6.0 EhP6
    • SAP RollOut Projekte USA, Kanada, Polen
    • IT Kostenstellen –und Budgetverantwortung


10/2009 – 10/2013        Aluminiumschmelzwerk Oetinger GmbH
                                            aluminium melting and recycling company supplying liquid and solid alloys

    • SAP Application Manager
    • Abteilungsstärke 4 Mitarbeiter und Projektleiter
    • Aufbau Insolvenzbuchhaltung
    • Einführung HCM Zeiterfassung am Standort Hannover
    • Projektleiter für 4 full cycle SAP Standort Implementierungen
    • 24/7 Support aller SAP Anwendungen incl. 3rd party Anwendungen und BW
    • Überarbeitung und Abbildung Unterschriftenregelung und Freigabeverfahren
    • Abbildung Intercompany Prozesse via EDI Szenarien mit automatischer
    • Rechnungsprüfung, Customizing und Implementierung Workflow Szenarien


07/2005 – 09/2009        Wrigley GmbH
                                              consumer products chewing gum, chocolate and candies

    • Programm Manager/Projektleiter und Verantwortlicher im Center of Excellence
    • verantwortlich für < 80 Projektmitarbeiter und unterstellte Ressourcen
    • Program manager external manufacturing Outsourcing and Global Roll-out für 39 Fabriken (ASIEN, US, Europe East&West)
    • Program manager NETWAEVER upgrade BI and Portal
    • Project manager weltweit UniCodeConversion ECC5.0, CRM4.0, BI7.0
    • Koordinator Upgrade SAP 4.6C nach ECC5.0 (weltweit)
    • Ressource manager (eCATT project and testing teams)
    • Implementierung SAP-Solutionmanager (change request process)
    • Lead Business Analyst (FTS forecast-to-stock und OTC order-to cash)
    • Projektmanager EMEAI SRM/EBP5.0 Implementierung


11/2004 –  06/2005        funiture industry, area seatings, cupboards and office-furnitures:

    • Cooperation in the worldwide SAP harmonizations project
    • Rolling-out Template SAP PP under SAP 4.7
    • Rolling-out Template SAP MM under SAP 4.7
    • Location pool and production misalignment


08/2004 – 10/2004       external auditors, area enterprise risk management: 

    • AIS audit information system under SAP Enterprise 4.7
    • education sessions SAP for external auditors, audits for financal management
    • education sessions SAP for external auditors, audits for accounts receivable
    • education sessions SAP for external auditors, audits for accounts payable
    • education sessions SAP for external auditors, audits for asset management
    • education sessions SAP for external auditors, audits for materialsmanagement
    • education sessions SAP for external auditors, audits for securities and authorizations
    • Sarbanes-Oxley-Act with SAP Enterprise 4.7
    • GDPdu with SAP Enterprise 4.7


02/2003 – 10/2004       funiture industry, area seatings, cupboards and office-furnitures:

    • Project manager, Support, developement
    • responsible for migrations and interfaces (LSMW)
    • B2B procurement basing on EDI functions for suppliers and customers
    • SAP Business Connector
    • interfaces from saws into SAP with saw optimizations
    • responsible for support, area MM (materialsmanagement)
    • responsible for support, area PP (production planning and scheduling)
    • responsible for support, area CO (controlling) forecasts and calculations
    • responsible for support, area VC (Variant configuration engine)


06/2002 – 09/2003       pharmaceutical industry, area securities & authorizations:

    •  Concept and realization of a global and local authorization draft with standard SAP functions
    • Consideration of branch-specific guiding rules for valuations, access controls and segregation of duties


04/2001 – 06/2002       furniture industry, area cupboards and office-furnitures: SAP Roll-out project  

    • over all project manager SAP logistics modules for the economical processes
    • Partial project manager MM (materialsmanagement)
    • project manager legacy system migration, data and migration of processes
    • responsible for developement and installation of the roll-out template
    • Responsibly for integration, interfaces, archiving software and document management of engineering documentations to drilling and set plans
    • Investigations to enterprise buyer and configureable E-procurement applications
    • analysis of SAP-CRM (customer relation management) and SAP-SCM (supply chain management) versus SAP R/3 classics


10/1998 – 12/2001        furniture industry, area seatings, cupboards and office-furnitures:

    • Whole project manager SAP logistics, with central topics of interests:
    • Middle range business implementation of the SAP functions in the area SD (sales and distribution), MM (materialsmanagement) and PP (production planning and scheduling)
    • Process optimization in distribution and manufacturing
    • technical group binding of several independently operating production plants
    • Variant configuration and product modelling
    • Integration of R/3 Wood Add on’s with investigation, analysis and confrontation the SAP IBU metal-paper-wood products
    • Variant calculation with product calculation and calculation of sales and production orders
    • Responsibly for the whole logistic data takeover from IBM AS/ 400 (master data and movement data)
    • Migration and data settlement with the migration tool SAP LSMW (legacy system migration workbench)


03/1998 – 10/1998        pharmaceutical industry, area research and developement:

    • Introduction and development of a package for supervision of research studies and research projects during phases I up to IV, basing on SAP R / 3 modules: MM (materialsmanagement), PS (project system), FI (finance management)
    • Implementation of produktcosting with product calculation and binding to various evacuated production systems (BPCS)


05/1997 – 02/1998        pharmazeutical range for animal health: 

    • After go life support of the logistics modules MM und PP with SAP R/3 3.0F with main focus on:

– subcontractors and third parties
– batch evaluation and reporting
– product prizing and calculation
– worldwide forecasting, planing and scheduling out of LIS and SOP

    • Introducing of a worldwide SAP R/3 supportsystem based on intranet and internet components
    • Responsible projektleader of definition and conversion of performance measures for implementation of forecast accuracy, third parties and group companies reporting

10/1996 – 03/1997        German Telekommunication, division real-estates:

    • SAP projektleader R/3 3.0C / 3.0F for implementing and handling of the PS module(projectsystem). Developing internal IT projects and planing of building construction projects
    • Definition of project profiles and project structures
    • Definition of work breakdown structures and WBS elements
    • Interface responsibility for all financial-, materialprocesses together with the standard network usage


10/1995 – 09/1997        Broadcast Television Services:

    • SAP-Projectmanager migration R/2 (4.3I) to R/3 (3.0C)
    • Coordinating and leading the complete migration of the modules: FI, AM, CO, PS, MM, PP, SD, SM.
    • Coordination logistics processes in the following stabelizing and optimizing of the project
    • Projektleader of the following subprojects:

– lending process of goods
– complete automized ordering process with main vendors
– LIFO balance sheet valuation and valuation to determine lowest values
– installation of special physical inventory processes
– vendor evaluations

    • Responsible consultant in developing and design of the modules MM, PP und QM
      Releasechange from 3.0C to 3.0F deltacustomizing und documentation for PP, MM und QM.


07/1994 – 09/1995        SAP AG Walldorf: Hotline Service Logistics R/2 (Rel. up to 5.0G) 

    • materialsmanagement (RM) all modules R/2 (Rel. Up to 5.0G)
    • production planning and scheduling (PPS) all modules R/2 (Rel. Up to 5.0G)
    • sales and distribution (RV) all modules R/2 (Rel. Up to 5.0G)


1991-06/1994               power industry: SAP consultant

    • Documentation of current organisational structures and inventory control including related subjects, analysis of weaknesses
    • Implementation of the SAP software to be organized in the Power supply industry
    • Training of  IT organisators and user training
    • Consultancy in the area of project management
    • Preparation of training materials providing the training
    • Managing of customizations and modifications including the preparation of the requirements and maintaining the real usage
    • Upgrade from Release 4.3F to 5.0D including the change from a single entity to a multi entity environment
    • Draft for the production of achievement lists for the purpose of advertisement, assignment, supervision and decrease of projects in the service area with RM DIENST


1989-1991                    electrical industry: IT-Organisator

    • Representation of the company`s interests concerning the system development within the scope of CIM-projects (SAP Rel. 4.2)
    • Support of the central project organisation within the system design
    • On-Site responsibility for the systems design and prototyping of the SAP-Systems within the modules RM-MAT and RM-PPS


1985-1989                    German Federal Armed Forces


    • Development of existing DP-applications in logistics. Design of organisational flows and technical realisation
        • Programming in COBOL74 / COBOL 80
        • Programming ASSEMBLER 8086 / 8088


Education: Credit Institute

1981-1983 Education as a bank analyst

1983-1985 Head of branch office and personell reservist within the bank organisation

Gathering of wide experience in the field of business analysis and organization